Hennie Klopper
Cell: +27 82 4076660


Free State
South Africa

Hallo and Welcome to Pheasants for Africa

We are a small but dedicated pheasantry located in the heart of South Africa. What started out as a few "strange" birds to fill the empty chicken cages, soon turned into a big hobby and passion! We have been breeding show quality Rhode Island Reds, Light- and Speckled Sussex, Japanese Bantams and Sebrights from 1998, but in the last few years the focus has been moved to Sebrights and our Pheasants, and our newest addition, the Large Wyandotte!

Our birds are all kept in fully covered cages and gets checked on twice daily, as this is the only way of ensuring happy healthy birds, safe from cats and all the other predators around. I also believe in the "Bigger is Better" concept, which allows all the birds big spacious areas, causing them to perform their natural and breeding behaviour much better.

We also strive to keep all our lines pure, never encouraging or recommending crossbreeding, as this not only ruins reputability but also causes a lot of problems for people which later on discover "weird new colours" in their birds, then start looking for compatible mates, only to be told they got the offspring of a cross-mating and thus will not find a mate for their birds. That is also why we recommend people to buy from reputable breeders, and not "Pet shops" or Bird auctions.

We have been practising this hobby for over 15 years, but learn something new every day... one is never too old or wise, as nature throws a lot of curve balls! Thus please feel free to contact us with any questions or interesting news regarding your Chickens or Pheasants, and we will gladly assist you in the best way possible!